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This SDK is currently focused on interacting with the Itheum's Data NFT technology that's deployed to the MultiversX blockchain.


  • requires node@19.7X
  • npm install
  • work on typescript code in the /src folder
  • handy tip: when developing locally, you can do integration tests by running npm run prepare and the npm install --save ../sdk-mx-data-nft in the host project

Dev Environment

  • create a '.husky' folder in the root of the project Inside the folder:
    • add a 'commit-msg' file with the following content:
    #!/usr/bin/env sh
    . "$(dirname -- "$0")/_/husky.sh"
    npx --no-install commitlint --edit $1
    • add a 'pre-commit' file with the following content:
    #!/usr/bin/env sh
    . "$(dirname -- "$0")/_/husky.sh"
    npm test

Dev Testing

  • Only simple dev testing added. First Build as below and then run npm run test and work on the test.mjs file for live reload


  • npm run build
  • New build is sent to dist folder

Usage in 3rd party dApps

  • Install this SDK via npm i @itheum/sdk-mx-data-nft
  • Methods supported are given below is SDK Docs


Note that all param requirements and method docs are marked up in the typescript code, so if you use typescript in your project your development tool (e.g. Visual Studio Code) will provide intellisense for all methods and functions.

1. Interacting with Data NFTs

import { DataNft } from '@itheum/sdk-mx-data-nft';

DataNft.setNetworkConfig('devnet' | 'testnet' | 'mainnet');

// Can build a new DataNft object partially
const dataNft = new DataNft({
tokenIdentifier: 'tokenIdentifier',
tokenName: 'tokenName'

// Create a new DataNft object from API
const nonce = 1;
const nft = await DataNft.createFromApi({ nonce });

// Create a new DataNft object from API Response
const response = await fetch('https://devnet-api.multiversx.com/address/nfts');
const dataNfts = [];

response.forEach(async (nft) => {
const data = await DataNft.createFromApiResponse(nft);

// Retrieves the DataNfts owned by a address
const address = 'address';
const dataNfts = [];
dataNfts = await DataNft.ownedByAddress(address);

// Retrieves the specific DataNft
const dataNft = DataNft.createFromApi({ nonce });

// (A) Get a message from the Data Marshal node for your to sign to prove ownership
const message = await dataNft.messageToSign();

// (B) Sign the message with a wallet and obtain a signature
const signature = 'signature';

// There are 2 methods to open a data NFT and view the content -->

// Method 1) Unlock the data inside the Data NFT via signature verification
}); // optional params "stream" (stream out data instead of downloading file), "fwdAllHeaders"/"fwdHeaderKeys", "fwdHeaderMapLookup" can be used to pass headers like Authorization to origin Data Stream servers

// Method 2) OR, you can use a MultiversX Native Auth access token to unlock the data inside the Data NFT without the need for the the signature steps above (A)(B). This has a much better UX
mvxNativeAuthOrigins: "http://localhost:3000", "https://mycoolsite.com"], // same whitelist domains your client app used when generating native auth token
mvxNativeAuthMaxExpirySeconds: 300, // same expiry seconds your client app used when generating native auth token
fwdHeaderMapLookup: {
authorization : "Bearer myNativeAuthToken"
}); // optional params "stream" (stream out data instead of downloading file), "fwdAllHeaders"/"fwdHeaderKeys" can be used to pass on the headers like Authorization to origin Data Stream servers

2. Interacting with Data NFT Minter

import { SftMinter } from '@itheum/sdk-mx-data-nft';

const dataNftMinter = new SftMinter('devnet' | 'testnet' | 'mainnet');

// View minter smart contract requirements
const requirements = await dataNftMinter.viewMinterRequirements(
new Address('erd1...')

// View contract pause state
const result = await dataNftMinter.viewContractPauseState();

Create a mint transaction

Method 1: Mint a new Data NFT with Ithuem generated image and traits. Currently only supports nft.storage.

const transaction = await nftMinter.mint(
new Address('erd1...'),
'Test Title',
'Test Description',
nftStorageToken: 'API TOKEN'

Method 2: Mint a new Data NFT with custom image and traits. Traits should be compliant with the Itheum traits structure.

const transaction = await nftMinter.mint(
new Address('erd1'),
'Test Title',
'Test Description',
imageUrl: 'https://imageurl.com',
traitsUrl: 'https://traitsurl.com'

Create a burn transaction

const transaction = await dataNftMarket.burn(
new Address('erd1'),

3. Interacting with Data NFT Marketplace

import { DataNftMarket } from '@itheum/sdk-mx-data-nft';

const dataNftMarket = new DataNftMarket('devnet' | 'testnet' | 'mainnet');

// View requirements
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewRequirements();

// View address listed offers
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewAddressListedOffers(new Address(''));

// View address paged offers
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewAddressPagedOffers(
new Address('')

// View address total offers
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewAddressTotalOffers(new Address(''));

// View address cancelled offers
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewAddressCancelledOffers(new Address(''));

// View offers paged
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewPagedOffers(1, 10);

// View offers
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewOffers();

// View number of offers listed
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewNumberOfOffers();

// View contract pause state
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewContractPauseState();

// View last valid offer id
const result = await dataNftMarket.viewLastValidOfferId();

// Create addOffer transaction
const result = dataNftMarket.addOffer(new Address(''), '', 0, 0, '', 0, 0, 0);

// Create acceptOffer transaction
const result = dataNftMarket.acceptOffer(new Address(''), 0, 0, 0);

// Create cancelOffer transaction
const result = dataNftMarket.cancelOffer(new Address(''), 0);

// Create cancelOffer transaction without sending the funds back to the owner
const result = dataNftMarket.cancelOffer(new Address(''), 0, false);

// Create withdrawFromCancelledOffer transaction
const result = dataNftMarket.withdrawCancelledOffer(new Address(''), 0);

// Create changeOfferPrice transaction
const result = dataNftMarket.changeOfferPrice(new Address(''), 0, 0);

Traits structure

Items below marked "required" are the "minimum" required for it to be compatible with the Itheum protocol. You can add any additional traits you may need for your own reasons.

"description": "Data NFT description", // required
"data_preview_url": "https://previewdata.com",
"attributes": [
"trait_type": "Creator", // required
"value": "creator address"
"trait_type": "extra trait",
"value": "extra trait value"

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