SDK MX - Enterprise

npm (scoped)

This SDK is currently focused on interacting with the Itheum's Enterprise technology that's deployed to the MultiversX blockchain.


  • requires node@19.7X
  • npm install
  • work on typescript code in the /src folder

Dev Testing

  • Only simple dev testing added. First Build as below and then run npm run test and work on the test.mjs file for live reload


  • npm run build
  • New build is sent to dist folder

Usage in 3rd party dApps

  • Install this SDK via npm i @itheum/sdk-mx-enterprise
  • Methods supported are given below is SDK Docs


  • Generated docs available here: https://itheum.github.io/sdk-mx-enterprise/
  • Note that all param requirements and method docs are marked up in the typescript code, so if you use typescript in your project your development tool (e.g. Visual Studio Code) will provide intellisense for all methods and functions.

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